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7 Reasons Why You Must Hire a Wedding Planner Creative Purposes by C.Fultz
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7 Reasons Why You Must Hire a Wedding Planner

07 Apr 7 Reasons Why You Must Hire a Wedding Planner

7 Reasons Why You Must Hire a Wedding Planner


So you’re engaged, congratulations! It’s time to get this show on the road and start wedding planning. Now you’re probably wondering, “Do I hire a wedding planner, or not?” As wedding planners we’ve encountered brides who didn’t fully understand the necessity of having a wedding planner. Let us break it down for you. Here are 7 reasons why you MUST hire a wedding planner!

1. It’s all about the money honey! – Contrary to popular belief having a wedding planner actually saves more money than it will cost. A good wedding professional has much experience with different vendor pricing and can easily spot an outrageous price vs a too good to be true price. Wedding planners often have relationships with vendors and are able to negotiate the best possible deals, as well as being very experienced at handling budgets.

2. The Busy Bridenista!Wedding planning is VERY time consuming. Most couples on average spend anywhere from 11-20 hours a week, yes a week, planning their wedding. While juggling school, careers, and family, who has time to spare that many hours a week! Why wouldn’t you want to have someone to do all the tedious work for you?

3. The Nitty Gritty!– While there are aspects of wedding planning that are fun, there are also many necessary details that just are not that entertaining. Your wedding planner will handle researching vendors, reviewing vendor contracts, tracking RSVPs and other necessities. This will leave you extra time for focusing on more enjoyable things like picking a dress and hair and makeup trials!

4. Taking a Load Off!– Planning one of the most important days of your life should be a carefree and amazing experience with memories that you cherish forever, not stressful! Hiring a wedding planner  will be invaluable in relieving the stresses from beginning the planning process all the way to making sure your day is executed flawlessly!

5. The Destination Bridenista! – A wedding planner is essential for out of town weddings. When planning a destination wedding (whether in the states or international), it helps to have someone who is familiar with the local venues and vendors. You will also need someone to attend meetings in the days following up to your wedding when you aren’t available to be present.

6. Strategy for Your Tragedy! – It’s pretty inevitable that something WILL go wrong on your wedding day. Wedding planners are skilled at handling any crisis. Moments before you walk down the aisle the last thing you want to deal with is your hosts not showing up or a centerpiece falling down and shattering! We actually had this happen at one of our outdoor summer weddings. Right before the ceremony started the wind knocked down a few tall centerpieces under the tented reception area. But as wedding planners, we are always prepared. We quickly cleaned up the mess, pulled out our extra vases and waited until the cocktail hour (before guests took their seats) to place the vases back on the tables. Now who would’ve had time to do all of that minutes before before you were walking down the aisle?

7. Tying up loose ends while you tie the knot! – Even if you are very detail oriented and excellent at timing, chances are you have never scheduled a wedding before. As wedding planners, we are very proficient at making detailed timelines for your big day. We’ve coordinated countless weddings and are familiar with how much time every aspect of your wedding will require. We make sure the flow of your wedding is impeccable. While you and your close family and friends focus on being 100% present for your wedding, we serve as the liaison between you, your wedding party, the vendors, family, and the rest of your guests!

Are you a former bride or groom who had mixed feelings about hiring a wedding planning firm and later realized how much you needed a planner? Leave a comment about your experience with or without a wedding planner.

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