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Benefits of Running Creative Purposes by C.Fultz
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Benefits of Running

08 Apr Benefits of Running

Stay Fit

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When it comes to cardiovascular exercises not many top running. Not only is this one of my very favorite ways to zone out and get some serious cardio in, there are some major benefits to running. Some of them include increased lung function and use, boosting brain power, stress relief and losing and maintaining weight.

So you’ve wanted to be a runner and just didn’t know where to start? If you aren’t ready to lace up and take off, there are many beginner running programs to help. Two of my favorite apps are

Active’s Couch to 5k (2.99$)C25K


Nike+ (free)- the coaching feature- nike

These apps give you daily step by step plans to work from never having ran, up to running a 5k within two months. Worth the downloads for sure!

To keep things interesting in your running ventures check your neighborhood for trails! ( Many colleges and even places of employment have tracks and trails as well, so be on the look out and get running!!

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