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Confession: My Bridesmaid Only Cared About HERSELF! Creative Purposes by C.Fultz
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Confession: My Bridesmaid Only Cared About HERSELF!

08 Apr Confession: My Bridesmaid Only Cared About HERSELF!


Upon planning the wedding events, I would find out that my matrix was broken. One of the bridesmaids (who was an add on and not a part of the initial solid 5), proceeds to tell me that she would not be paying for my bridal shower. This could be understandable, being a bridesmaid is expensive. While trying to learn what her challenges were she tells me as straightforward as someone can tell a person, “I will NOT be paying for you to have a party (bridal shower), but I will pay for myself to be on vacation (my bachelorette party was out of the country). ” Yea –that was said to a hormonal, emotional stressed-out bride, so you know what I had to do. After politely telling her to save all of her money by not attending either event, I listened to her to tell me every cruel thought she has ever had about me . I nodded to it all on the other end of the phone and apologized that it upset her then got off the phone and out of the friendship. My body counts were getting so high and I hadn’t even decided on the wedding colors yet!

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