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Confession-My Pregnant Sister/MOH was a PEST!! Creative Purposes by C.Fultz
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Confession-My Pregnant Sister/MOH was a PEST!!

08 Apr Confession-My Pregnant Sister/MOH was a PEST!!


So it was less than a month before my wedding and I’d had it up to here with my sister. She was my Matron of Honor….and 8 weeks pregnant. She was being so dramatic and it finally got out of hand when she demanded that she was changing her dress!! She complained that she hated the dress and that the material caused her baby bump to show. Are you kidding me? I’ve had a baby and at 2 months pregnant, I wasn’t even showing!! Not just that, but when she got married, I sucked it up and wore the horrific dress she picked out!! The dress I picked out was actually pretty fabulous if I must say so myself. There was no way she’d have time to search for AND order a bridesmaid dress with such short notice. To top things off, she said she would just go to David’s Bridal and buy a dress off of the rack. UM…I have nothing against David’s Bridal…but there was no way that was going down. The rest of the bridesmaids dresses didn’t come from there, so even if she found a similar dress, the colors wouldn’t be a match. My mom wasn’t any help at all. She told me I should “compromise” with my sister. It was wayyyy too much. I didn’t know if I should tell her she’s no longer in my wedding or just live with the fact that she made this all about her. I didn’t want to look back at my wedding pictures and feel anger because of the stupid dress. Eventually when all of her plans of purchasing a new dress fell through, she had no other choice but to stick to the original dress.



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