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DIY Don'ts of Wedding Planning Creative Purposes by C.Fultz
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DIY Don’ts of Wedding Planning

08 Apr DIY Don’ts of Wedding Planning

DIY Don’ts for Wedding Planning!

DIY Don'ts!

In the new age of social media, sites like Pinterest and Instagram are becoming increasingly popular. These sites are loaded with ways to “do it yourself”. At first glance, it looks easy and cheap, but are you really biting off more than you can chew? DIY projects often become more expensive than buying a finished product after acquiring all the supplies needed. If indeed you save a few dollars in some cases, the time involved outweighs the few extra bucks. When it comes to something as important as your wedding day take it from us, there are some risks you just don’t want to take!

  • Your cake – Even if you are a professional baker, which most people aren’t, you just simply won’t have time to accomplish this properly that close to your wedding day. Baking sounds easy, but the time, detail, and skill that go into making a wedding cake is much more than mixing a little flour and water!
  • Your dress– We know the dress is a big expense but unless you are a seamstress who specializes in making wedding dresses, this is way too complicated and important of a task to pull off for your big day!
  • Your own music– The music at your wedding is vital to making your reception a great experience for you and your guests! Making an IPod playlists sounds like a great way to save money until something goes awry and you don’t have the skills to fix it! DJ’s also assist in important aspects of your wedding like keeping the crowd entertained and making announcements. Hire a professional DJ and ensure you and your guests stay grooving all night.
  • Your Photos– After your amazing day the only thing you will be left with besides memories is your photos! Don’t you want amazing pictures to show your children and grandchildren to come? You don’t want to miss important moments like cake cutting and first dance or have blurry or out of focus pictures. Just trust us and hire a professional photographer, it will be so worth it!

When deciding what to DIY, stick to things that can be worked on and accomplished days or weeks before the wedding. The days leading up to and your big day should be spent focusing on just the wedding.

A few ideas of things to do yourself:

  • Labels for Invitations
  • Menu Cards
  • Programs
  • Table numbers
  • Escort cards
  • Video slide shows

What DIY projects are you working on? How is that coming along for you? Leave us a comment below about your wedding planning experience with DIY projects:

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