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Fall Engagement Shoot Creative Purposes by C.Fultz
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Fall Engagement Shoot

09 Apr Fall Engagement Shoot

Engagements make me want to cry tears of joy! They’re just some of the most happiest moments for people, and some of my favorite things to share.

Meet Shayla and Hunter who will be getting married at the Barclay Villa in Angier, NC in the spring of next year. May 2016 to be more specific. They met at UNC-Chapel Hill during undergrad through mutual friends for a cocktail dinner. They immediately locked eyes and were interested in each other, and started dating a year later. Amber Elizabeth Photography did a beautiful job capturing the love these two have. Congratulations Shayla and Hunter on your wonderful engagement!

fall fall2 fall3Everyone should be included in the shoot, right? Dogs are family too!fall4 fall5She is absolutely stunning.fall6

All photography by Amber Elizabeth Photography. If you have an engagement that you want to submit, head over to our submissions page! We want to share your beautiful moment too!

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