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Kill Two Birds With One Stone - Babylon Restaurant Creative Purposes by C.Fultz
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Kill Two Birds With One Stone – Babylon Restaurant

09 Apr Kill Two Birds With One Stone – Babylon Restaurant

Babylon Restaurant is known for its famous Mediterranean dishes, but did you know that you could book your wedding here too? Its venue is known as The Melrose Knitting Mill, but you are allowed the option to book the outside courtyard area called the Hanging Gardens instead. Or you can rent both spaces! The Red Room, a place where the bride can get ready, can be booked for an additional rate too so that all your needs will be accommodated for! It’s a beautiful venue in Downtown Raleigh that was built in the 19th century. What was known as a local manufacturer of underwear has turned into a fabulous venue for weddings and other special events.

Photo Courtesy of Babylon Restaurant Website.

The illuminated pool and southern European backdrop screams nothing but romance. It can seat about 200 guests for a seated dinner and the pricing includes your tables, chairs, and even catering service. There is little outside noise, so your private event will stay private. And what about dancing, you may ask? That is definitely encouraged too!

Photo Courtesy of Babylon Restaurant Website.

Trying to learn more about their catering service? Feel pressured to have Mediterranean Cuisine at your wedding reception! Moroccan specialties like braised chicken tagine or southern European dishes such as Mediterranean risotto will rock your taste buds. They even have vegetarian options like their vegetarian couscous. Sounds like there’s something for everyone!


Photo Courtesy of Babylon Restaurant Website.

Did we just tempt you to call and check them out? We hope so! If you are a huge fan of Mediterranean wine and cuisine, then this is something to truly think about. The restaurant has top notch food, and the venue is actually stunning. A place where you can have your ceremony, reception and catering services mapped out?! We just couldn’t keep this place a secret.

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