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7 Tips for Keeping Healthy Hair Creative Purposes by C.Fultz
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7 Tips for Keeping Healthy Hair

15 Apr 7 Tips for Keeping Healthy Hair

7 Tips for Keeping Healthy Hair

7 Tips for Healthy Hair

We all know superb hair is essential for the bridenista and all fabulous women alike. Check out some of these tips (that I personally use) to keep hair looking its best before your big day and every day after!

  1. Frying and Drying– Yes, I know the blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron make your hair look amazing but for gosh sakes put them down every once in a while! Excessive heat damages every texture of hair. If your aren’t looking for split ends, breakage and all around fried tresses then limit the addition of heat to your daily routine. When you do use heat for styling always remember to apply a thermal protectant prior.
  2. Hydration– A good conditioner applied two inches from your roots to prevent over production of oil on your scalp will help keep your hair shiny and strong. Rinse conditioner in cool water to lock in moisture.
  3. Night time protection– Try making a loose French or side braid before bed to prevent tangling or knotting at night. The beach waves in the morning are just an added bonus ;).
  4. Use Caution with Wet hair- Hair is at its most fragile when wet. Detangling and brushing should be done BEFORE hair is wet. It may be quicker to wring, rub and squeeze hair dry but it certainly is not worth the extra damage. Gently pat hair with a towel and try to allow as much air drying as possible.
  5. Over Washing– Don’t wash your hair every day! When you do this you strip the natural oil your hair needs. Stick to washing no more than every other day and apply a dry shampoo in between if your hair feels greasy.
  6. Optimal Diet– A healthy diet and plenty of hydration will help keep your hair strong and luscious, as well as preventing hair loss. B Vitamins, Folic acid and essential fatty acids (Omega 3&6) play a key role in keeping your hair flawless. So don’t skip those veggies and make certain to get in enough lean protein. Health starts on the inside!
  7. Forgetting Trims– Forget the standard of you need your hair cut every 6 weeks but when you have split ends DO get them trimmed. They will only keep splitting and prevent hair from growing.


Hope this helps and if you guys want to see a post about foods that are good for your hair or ways to style without heat leave a comment below!

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