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Confession: My Wedding Is No Place For Your Boy Toy! Creative Purposes by C.Fultz
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Confession: My Wedding Is No Place For Your Boy Toy!

05 May Confession: My Wedding Is No Place For Your Boy Toy!

Boy Toy

I asked my bridesmaids if things weren’t serious with their “boy toys” if they could skip my wedding to help me save cost …is that a crazy request? I don’t care if it was. I knew I would do it for them, so I expected the same. One bridesmaid complained and nagged about having her boyfriend there as her date so she wouldn’t be alone. Their relationship was so messy, one week they were on and the next week they were off.  Naturally, I had apprehensions (aside from the obvious financial reasons) about her bringing her boyfriend to the happiest day of my life. Buuut, being the emotional bride that I was, I eventually gave into her request and calculated an extra $130+ into my budget to accommodate her iffy relationship. She ensured me that he was a yes. So what happens next? Once again they break up. This time right before my wedding. Do you think she tells me? No! I find out on the day of my wedding that he’s not there… $100+ down the drain …I really could’ve invited someone to go in his place if she had the decency to let me know!

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