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My First Indian Wedding Experience

16 Jun My First Indian Wedding Experience

For the past year or so, I’ve become fascinated with Indian weddings. I found them to be extremely beautiful and mouth dropping! I’ve always enjoyed learning about other cultures and their uniqueness. Throughout my process of expanding to Central Ohio this year, I’ve done quite a bit of networking. I recently came across Columbus Bride & Groom and scheduled a meeting with Tammy Hudson, the sales manager there. She was extremely friendly and helpful and I really enjoyed our conversation. While meeting with her, she introduced me to Jamie Rapavy, the owner of Columbus Bride & Groom, who is also the owner of Devoted to Details (a wedding planning company in Columbus).  When I stepped into Jamie’s office there was a tall stack of papers on her floor. She said she had a HUGE wedding coming up that weekend and that it was an Indian wedding. You can imagine my excitement when I found this out, so of course I had to ask, ” When should I show up?”  I believe she initially thought I was kidding lol. She had a staff of 5 or 6 ladies to assist her for the weekend, and I would make lucky number 7. 🙂

Day 1- The Sangeet

First and foremost, we started off with a team meeting before the events started last Friday. Once I received my 10 page itinerary, I knew this was about to be a long weekend…

So apparently in India, weddings are a week long and in America they shorten them to 3 days beginning with the Sangeet. First there was a wedding rehearsal and then it was time for everyone to get dressed. The ladies headed back to their rooms upstairs in the Hilton downtown to await the makeup artist and hair stylists. The Sangeet is kind of like having a rehearsal dinner, but they had over 400 guests, and quite frankly it was decked out better than lots of wedding receptions I’ve seen. Not only did they have a henna station for the ladies, but they also gifted them with cute clutches from Indian! Here are pictures from Day 1. (My favorite thing was the pink dance floor). And I must say, the Hilton in downtown Columbus is absolutely stunning:

Day 2: The Wedding

Wow where do I begin! For me, the day started around 8am.The first thing I did was head to the groom’s room to check in and make sure he was getting ready for his baraat. What’s that you ask? Well, it’s pretty cool. It’s the groom’s wedding procession and it’s a very big deal. It’s custom for the groom to proceed in on a horse followed by a brass band. I really didn’t get a chance to watch the baraat as I was assigned to another area during that time. However, when I did get a chance to step away, and peep outside, it was like a huge dance party. Everyone singing and dancing, laughing and having fun! The groom would then enter into the venue on the rolled out red carpet.

Once the groom entered the ceremony, it was time for the bride to be carried in on the dholi to the mandap where the marriage would take place. The mandap is an exquisitely decorated canopy  where the rituals and customs of the wedding ceremony are performed. After the short one hour ceremony (yes I said short, because usually they are two hour long ceremonies), there was a lunch reception. During the lunch reception, we would be flipping the other ballroom for the dinner reception that would follow 3 hours later. The designer was flown in from Chicago and his team was AMAZING! They designed the most beautifully decorated wedding that I’ve been up close and personal with. If you’re in Chicago and you’re looking for a wedding designer, check out Yanni’s Design Studio. Here are some shots I snapped:

 Have you ever been to an Indian wedding? What was your favorite part? Leave a comment below:

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