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Guest List Nightmares: Who’s a Go? Who’s a No? Creative Purposes by C.Fultz
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Guest List Nightmares: Who’s a Go? Who’s a No?

23 Jun Guest List Nightmares: Who’s a Go? Who’s a No?



I’m sure if you asked any past bride-to-be, they would all tell you that one of the most tedious parts to planning their wedding is the guest list! It sure isn’t the happiest part of planning—in fact, it can be very annoying.  Questions like these are liable to pop up, “Kids or no kids? Do I invite the whole office? Should my fiancé and I split the list 50/50? How do I tell my mom, “No, the next door neighbors from the first neighborhood we lived in aren’t invited.”  Rest assure, people will feel entitled to an invite, and parents (especially those who are supplying funds), will have a say in extending invitations as well. BUT, how do you control this inescapable task before it becomes a nightmare?

  • Sit Down with your fiancé and create a dream list–This list will encompass everyone you and your future hubby ever wanted to see on your wedding day. Determine your target number by how many people your venue can hold along with how much your budget can handle. [Staying on budget is key!]
  • Now come back to planet earth—More than likely there’s no way you’re having EVERY single person at your wedding who is on your dream list. So this is where creating an “A List” and a “B List” comes into play.
  • The “A-List”– Your A-List will consist of those people whom you must undoubtedly invite whether you like it OR them. You know, that micro-managing boss who breathes down your neck every second on the hour, and oh of course your long lost God Brother’s “almost fiancé” whom you’ve never met. Yea pretty important people, huh? *insert sarcastic smirk*
  • And then there’s the “B-List”— These are the people you really, really somewhere deep down inside, wish you could invite. Buuut unless one of your A-List buddies decline, then they won’t quite make the cut. It’s not a bad idea to have extra invites on hand for about 10 to 20 more people.  That way, you can send those B-list invites once you’ve received some declines from your A-list. Chances are, this is the very least amount of declines you’ll receive.
  • Kids or No Kids—This is ultimately a decision for the couple to make. If you’re not comfortable having children in the anticipated atmosphere of your wedding, then it’s perfectly fine to spread the word that your wedding will be Adult’s Only.

I hope this helps in getting you started on your guest list. Don’t overthink it. If you don’t have their phone number or address, then chances are you’re not that close to them anyway so they won’t feel that bad if they don’t receive an invite.  Are you a former bride or groom? How did you overcome tackling the guest list? Leave some tips in the comments below.

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