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Choosing an Unplugged or Hashtag Wedding
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Unplugged vs. Hashtags Weddings

03 Aug Unplugged vs. Hashtags Weddings

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{Photo Credit: Lindsey Laughlin Photography}

Hello Bridenistas & Friends!

Let’s talk trends. Social media is such an intricate part of our daily lives now and the big debate is whether or not to incorporate it into your wedding. You have the option to encourage guests to snap away photos all night and immediately post to social media using your hashtag, or you can try the “unplugged” approach.
Unplugged Weddings vs. Hashtags{Photo Credit: Lindsey Laughlin Photography}

An “unplugged” wedding is when the bride and groom ask their guests to turn off their phones and enjoy the night. There are a few reasons why this may appeal to you:
  • Other cameras may compromise the quality and lighting of your actual photographer’s photos.
  • Guests may jump in front of your professional photographer, block, and ruin good angles to capture a picture on their phones.
  • Your ceremony is sacred and you want your guests to enjoy your wedding without the distraction of technology.
  • You want to be the first to see and approve your pictures before the rest of the social media world has access.
{Photo Credit: The LifeStyled Company}
Or you could choose to have guests as active as possible in sharing your big day.  A wedding hashtag will appeal to you if:
  • You just absolutely love and can’t live without social media!
  • You want to see the wedding from your guests’ point of view and maximize the amount of pictures from your day.
  • You’re too anxious to wait the typical 4-6 weeks for your professional photos to come back and you want to reminisce while you’re sitting in the airport headed to your honeymoon.
  • You want to get creative with some fun play on words and use unique aspects of your names. For example, if your fiance’s last name was Harvey, you could use something like #TheHarveysGetHitched or #HarveyEverAfter.
hashtag{Photo Credit: We Photographie}
Do you prefer an unplugged wedding or using a creative hashtag? Use the comment section below to explain your preference!
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