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Choosing a Wedding Band - Brideology 101
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Grooms Corner: Choosing a Wedding Band

23 Aug Grooms Corner: Choosing a Wedding Band

choosing a wedding band

With all the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, especially small details like picking out napkin colors and cake toppers, grooms are often pushed to the side. Today, we haven’t forgotten about you grooms! Wedding bands are very important as they are something you are going to have to live with (and look at) every day. Read on to get the scoop on trends in bands and choosing the right style and metal for you.

Gold (Classic Guy)

If you are trying to keep it traditional, gold is the way to go for your wedding band. Price-wise, it is more expensive than most metals but fully worth the investment. You can choose the classic yellow gold, or traditional white gold. Gold has a medium weight, moderate scratch resistance, and can easily be re-sized as well.


choosing a wedding band



Platinum (Luxury Lad)

If you’re into bling-bling, platinum is where it’s at! This heavy metal is known to be the most luxurious and will run you the highest tab, as it is also the rarest metal. These rings are not scratch proof and not the most durable either. In short, go easy on these precious beauties!
choosing a wedding band


Titanium (Practical Guy)

Everything about this metal says practical! The price, the weight and the durability. For men that are not accustomed to wearing jewelry, this is your fit. These bands are extremely light weight, yet very scratch resistant at the same time. Just order them well in advance to your wedding day because they can not be re-sized!

choosing a wedding band


Tungsten (Modern Man)

Tungsten is a metal that has recently become very trendy and for good reason! This metal has the heaviest weight, making it the most durable and it is vertically scratch resistant. These babies can take a beating! It comes in a variety of colors and will not cost you an arm and a leg!

choosing a wedding band


Stainless Steel (Active Dude)

This material as a wedding band is relatively new and gaining popularity for its great prices and extreme durability. It is similar to tungsten in those aspects but is relatively light weight in comparison. These rings have a high scratch resistance and do not tarnish (think the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis was built of stainless steel in 1963 and is still standing and looking great!).

choosing a wedding bandWe hope you found this blog helpful in choosing a wedding band that’s perfect for you! Grooms, leave us a comment and let us know which ring is your favorite! Bridenistas, let us know which style you will be purchasing for your hubby!



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