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Anna & Miguel's Sparkly Backyard Wedding
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Anna & Miguel’s Sparkly Backyard Wedding

25 Sep Anna & Miguel’s Sparkly Backyard Wedding

Anna and Miguel met in the Spring of 2012 at the University of Akron. Miguel came all the way from South Africa to study in Ohio, and they happened to be placed in the same dorm. Miguel claims he first saw Anna in the lobby of their Freshman dorm, but Anna has a different memory of their first encounter. She says she first saw him during a 3 a.m. fire drill. Nonetheless, they both agree that the next time they met, Miguel asked Anna out…but Anna’s response was a very clear no. Miguel continued to charm Anna with his accent and his persistence finally persuaded her to said yes! Miguel spent the following summer back in South Africa, but even long distance couldn’t keep them apart. Check out the rest of their love story and planning process below.

Miguel, when did you propose?

Labor day weekend 2014.

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Miguel lured me into false pretenses that we were going on a doughnut breakfast date. When he picked me up at my parents house (they have a significant amount of land), he had me inspect a ‘mysterious box’ he had ‘received’ in the mail. When I opened the box, I found a treasure map, complete with riddles & clues, and a fully accurate map of my parents property. We began to decipher the clues and they led us to different stations situated around the wooded land. Each station represented a different stage in our relationship in chronological order. The first station contained a scrapbook that was missing the actual photos. When we arrived at every subsequent station, Miguel had left envelopes of photos of that time period in our relationship hanging from strings in the trees. We took time to put the photos in each scrapbook page as we reminisced about our journey of love together. The final station, the “X” marks the spot—had a beautiful chandelier hanging from a tree, and a ring box. He also had a letter from my dad waiting for us to read together. It was absolutely romantic and thoughtful!

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When and where was the big day?

June 6, 2015 at Anna’s parents house in Sunbury Ohio. We got married underneath the same tree that I proposed to Anna under!

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As a couple, what is your favorite past time?

We love to cook together with the backdrop of wonderful music, and we take sporadic dance breaks during our cooking! It’s the most wonderful way we connect after long days apart from one another. Whether Miguel is trying to teach me traditional South African “Afrikaans” dancing or whether we are just being goofballs and freestyling, we always have a blast.

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What was your least favorite part of planning?

We actually enjoyed every bit. I miss planning the wedding just as much as I miss being at our wedding! I wish we could relive the whole experience!  We started planning early & chipped away at it, so we truly didn’t have a least favorite part!

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What was your favorite part of planning?

Our favorite part of wedding planning was watching all of our vision come to life. Instead of focusing on wanting everything to be a certain shade of navy or a certain theme, we focused on how we just wanted the space and the environment to feel. That truly dictated so many decisions and made it so much easier. Once you know how you would like your ambiance to feel, the pieces start to fit together. At that point you are no longer choosing one cake design over another, but rather letting the decisions flow as one continuous idea of your day as a whole.


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What advice do you have for couple’s that are planning their wedding?

Make everything a date. Registry? Make it a date and get slushies in Target while you do! Cake tasting? Pick a Saturday morning and get coffee on your way! So often the planning becomes so focused on “the dress” or just the bride. Focus on your togetherness as a couple, and you will not have a single regret about the whole experience! The wedding isn’t just about one day, or about the relatives that will be attending, but is completely about your transition into life together. You should enjoy the process and take every opportunity to bond!

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Wedding Vendors:

 Photographer: Rachel Joy Baransi

Videographer: Aaron Long

Planner: MaryAnn Harry

Florist: MaryAnn Harry

Music: DJ Caudill

Catering: Der Dutchman

Makeup: Anya at Charles Penzone of Polaris

Hair: Nathan at Kenneth’s Hair Salons & Day Spas in Westerville, OH

Rentals: Linens/Chairs/Tent: Personal Touch Party Rentals & Events

Dress: Wendy’s Bridal Columbus

Bride’s Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Groom’s Suit: Express

Groom’s Shoes: Red Tape

Bridesmaids Dresses: Macy’s




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