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Tips for Planning Your Engagement Photo Shoot
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5 Tips For Planning the Perfect Engagement Photo Shoot

28 Sep 5 Tips For Planning the Perfect Engagement Photo Shoot

Engagement Photo Shoot Tips
Ahhh you’re in engaged and now it’s time for the fun stuff…taking engagement photos! There are a few things you need to consider in order to plan an engagement photo shoot that you’re absolutely in love with! Make sure you cover these 5 areas:
  1. Season– Have you decided on a date for your big day? What season are you getting married in? If you’re having a summer wedding, then taking pictures in a pile of snow with a huge coat and snow boots on, that could be misleading and a little odd. Think about it, most couples take the opportunity to showcase their engagement photos on their save the dates. Picture your winter wonderland photo shoot on refrigerator magnets that reads,  Save the date for July 18, 2017. Can you imagine that? Awkward! Consider the season of your wedding and use the same months for your engagement photos. A winter wedding with beach themed save-the-date photos will leave your guest a little puzzled.
  2. Theme– Speaking of beach themed save-the-dates, have you considered having a theme for your engagement shoot? When considering a theme, think about what’s significant to the both of you. What are some things you love doing together? What are your individual personalities like and what are some key character traits that are unique to your relationship? Perhaps you’re marrying your high school sweetheart who you met while cheering for the football team he played on. Or maybe you guys meet for date night at that one special spot downtown every Friday.  You and your love may enjoy biking to the farmer’s market every Saturday morning. Just think about you as a couple when choosing concepts for your theme.
  3. Location-Once you have your theme down, then you can pick your location. Let’s take the marrying your high school sweetheart scenario. Why not have some of your pictures taken at the place you first met! How cute would pictures at your old high school be? He could wear his letterman’s jacket and you could have a couple of pom poms in hand. (See picture below).  My husband graduated from Duke’s Divinity School, so right after we got engaged, we decided that we would get married at the Duke Chapel, and take engagement photos there. (Pictured below.)
    Duke Chapel Engagement photo{DeShelia Spann Photography}
  4. Attire-You don’t have to go out and buy matching outfits for your engagement photoshoot. That could be a little cheesy, but you should definitely coordinate and compliment one another. Your attire should also fit the theme and location. For example, my husband and I were going for a classic yet vintage look while posing in front of the Duke Chapel. He wore a 3-piece suit and red lips accompanied by red pumps were a must for me. I’ve also seen sports fans wear custom made jerseys in their pictures where the date of their big day was showcased on the back of the jersey.
  5. Props-So now that we’ve gotten the logistics out of the way, let’s add some fun stuff. Props! I touched on it a bit with using the pom poms for a high school sweetheart. But the ideas are limitless. If you’re marrying a football player, then his lucky football would be a great prop! A prop could also be something as simple as painting your wedding day on a piece of wood and showcasing it in your pictures.
    high school engagement photos

I hope these tips got the wheels in your brain turning! Have you decided on a theme and location for your engagement photos? Leave a comment below letting us know your photoshoot plans. Or if you’ve taken them already, leave our readers a few tips that you found helpful in planning your engagement photo shoot.

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