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Advice from a former bride-to-be
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Advice from a Former Bride-To-Be

19 Oct Advice from a Former Bride-To-Be

Advice From a bride - Title PostSo one day I happened to be scrolling through my ¬†timeline and one of my Facebook friends who recently got married decided to write a status about what she learned from planning her wedding. It was totally worth a repost but even better a blog post! I immediately wrote the words “YES, YES, YES” under her status and told her I would be putting her message in a blog for the world to see! ūüėČ So world….check out this advice from Stacey Maye, a former bride-to-be.

After this whole process of planning and preparing for our wedding, we gained some valuable lessons that will help us throughout life, and hopefully will help you too!

1. You get what you pay for! A hook up is always nice, but just know that you will still have to pay for it, whether it be your peace of mind, your sleep, or your time! Be very cautious of the word FREE! You may hit the jack pot sometimes and get a big bang for your buck, but don’t swing at the first ball that comes your way. Weigh your options, visit those pros and cons. The ball is in your court, if it means taking a little extra time to make it right, do it. You’ll be happy you did.¬†

2. Understand that your vision may cost you more than you have to spend right now, so unless you are in a place to pay the price, be prepared to scale back a bit, save a bit more, and focus on what is MOST important.

3. Do what is best for you. Don’t live according to what I like to call, the “Imaginary Audience” People do talk and they are spectating, but not as much as you think. Sometimes it’s really just all in your mind! It’s you! People are living their lives, sleeping at night, and you are thinking about them, lol. Find peace in your own happiness and you will find life more enjoyable.

4. Last but not least, find humility in all that you do. Many people make big sacrifices just to support you. It costs to be a bridesmaid, groomsmen, FRIEND, FAMILY–sometimes hundreds¬†of dollars after purchasing attire, accessories, hair, make up, travel, hotel expenses, and buying you a gift! Some people even go on diets and hit the gym. Those people also experience stress and excitement because they love you and and want you to be happy! Be mindful of the people that you say you love, and love you!

Thanks Stacey for your words of advice from one bride to another bride!

Do you have any words of advice as it relates to planning your big day? Leave them in the comments section below.


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