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Wedding Vendor Wednesday - Meet Jennifer Strange Creative Purposes by C.Fultz
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Wedding Vendor Wednesday – Meet Jennifer Strange

21 Oct Wedding Vendor Wednesday – Meet Jennifer Strange

Jennifer Strange has a burning desire to preserve life’s real, emotional, and beautiful moments. Getting to know her clients, capturing their interactions, and telling their story is what inspires her. Her style is very candid and relaxed! She says she doesn’t like to get in the way, especially during a wedding ceremony. And unless she tells you to look at the camera, she aim to capture you just as you are. We asked her a few questions and we know you’re dying to hear her answers! Check out this month’s wedding vendor Wednesday, Jennifer Strange Photography.

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Who is Jennifer Strange Photography?
It’s no secret that I love my clients and enjoy giving them memories to last a lifetime, but JSP’s purpose is rooted in something much deeper than photos… it’s rooted in Jesus. I want my love for Jesus to shine in everything I do – in the way I serve my clients, the way I care for them, and the way I show them just how beautiful and unique He created them to be.

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How long have you been a photographer, and what sparked your interest to become one?
In 2011, I bought my first “real” camera. I had little experience and no formal training, but I had a lot of heart. I’ve always loved photography and was determined to be a photographer. After spending two short years behind the lens, my passion for photography grew dim and I was ready to put my camera back in its original box, until God renewed my passion and revealed my purpose during one of the most difficult times of my life.


When my brother died unexpectedly two days before Christmas in 2013, my entire life changed. As I was looking through pictures of my brother’s life, I discovered just how powerful photographs are. Photographs bring back memories, emotions, and happiness. Photographs are healing.


Two weeks had passed and I started receiving multiple inquiries for family and newborn sessions. Here’s the part where I still get goosebumps – JSP did not even exist! I scheduled the sessions without hesitation thinking this would be a one-time thing. Little did I know what all God had in store for me. The next thing I know, Jennifer Strange Photography was born and my calendar was full. It took me several months to figure out that this was God’s plan all along. I could have never imagined a greater first year for JSP. He opened so many doors for me last year and I owe everything to Him. JSP is definitely at the top of my “greatest blessings” list.


What happens after a couple submits an inquiry to you?
After I receive a wedding inquiry, I schedule a complimentary consultation. This is a great way to see how well we connect and for me to find out more about their love story: how they met, when they knew they fell in love, and what their future holds. In addition, I like to gather as much wedding information as I can. I hold a couple’s wedding date for two weeks from the time of consultation. To secure their wedding date on my calendar, I require a signed contract and a $600 deposit. That’s it. Once they’ve chosen me to be their wedding photographer, their love story begins with an engagement session.

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As a photographer, what is a typical wedding day like?
On wedding days, I wake up sooo excited!! Being a wedding photographer is like having the best seat in the house at a concert or movie. The closeness and the “in the moment” experience is undefinable. I usually spend the morning charging batteries and packing my camera bag. I also take some time to vision the day ahead, looking over the couple’s love story and important aspects they want captured on this special day. Once I arrive, I spend anywhere from six to ten hours capturing their day.

Allen-458 (1)What should every couple know or do before they book a photographer?
I’ve seen it happen too many times where couples need to readjust their wedding budget and the first thing they “cut back on” is wedding photography, which left them very disappointed with the end result. I think it’s really important that couples identify the photography style they are looking for before they set a photography budget. I’ve always said that wedding photography should be the biggest investment of your wedding day and I truly believe it!

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What type of advice do you have for couples seeking the best photographer for their wedding needs?
Before you begin photography shopping, define your must-haves. If a bridal session isn’t important to you, then do not list it. The most important thing is to find a photographer that is willing to create a package specifically for you. This is the best way to judge if the photographer truly cares about their clients and recognizes that every client is different.

If you’d like to learn more about Jennifer Strange, you can contact her through her website at, by e-mail at, or by phone at 336-266-7993. Be sure to “LIKE” Jennifer Strange Photography on Facebook!

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