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5 Benefits of Choosing a Full Service Planning Package
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5 Benefits of Choosing a Full Service Planning Package

26 Oct 5 Benefits of Choosing a Full Service Planning Package

full service planning

Hello Bridenistas! Today I’m sharing with you some truths on why choosing a full service planning package is most beneficial. Typically, wedding planners offer different packages including full service planning, partial planning and month or day of coordination. The names are pretty self explanatory. Full service planning involves all aspects of planning your entire wedding, whereas partial planning services provide limited amount of involvement in the planning, and month of, or day of coordination is jumping in at the very end and pulling the loose strings together. Now, which one is for you? Our professional opinion would be to choose a full service package. Here are a few reasons why:

1.) First and foremost, wedding planning takes A LOT of time and energy. Trust me you don’t want to find out in the middle or towards the end of the planning process that you don’t have as much free time as you originally thought you had. Hiring a full service planner will cut down drastically on the amount of time you have to spend doing research, making phone calls to venues, along with many other pertinent details.

2.) Unless you have planned weddings before, you don’t have the extensive knowledge that a Certified Wedding Planner has when it comes to producing such a memorable event. Planning the most important day of your life with no prior experience is STRESSFUL, you hear me? Why not take some of that stress off by having a professional help the entire time?

3.) Money, money, money! Full service planning packages will include helping you to formulate a budget based on what is important to you, as well as keeping track of (and keeping in check) your spending throughout the planning process. You can’t afford NOT to have that!

4.) When your wedding planner jumps in mid-planning or even at the end, it is very easy to miss a detail that was planned prior to her involvement. The last thing you want is for a special detail to be missed on the day of your wedding. Also, the planner will have very little rapport with your other vendors, and these things make such a difference in the overall flow of your day.

5.) Last but certainly not least, a wedding planner will help correct mistakes on behalf of you, or the vendor who may have created them.  For example, you purchased all of your linen but did not realize they weren’t floor length. Simply put, you just thought you were getting a better deal because they were the less expensive option. Now in all of your precious wedding pictures, we see the rusty table legs.

The list goes on, but these are only a few reasons why a full service planning package is right for you. Remember the day is in the details, so plan with purpose! For more information about our full service planning packages visit our website at!

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