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50 Ways to Stay Calm While Wedding Planning
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50 Ways To Stay Calm While Wedding Planning

01 Nov 50 Ways To Stay Calm While Wedding Planning

stay calm while wedding planning

Trust us when we say we understand how it can be so difficult to plan a wedding. We understand the stress involved and how you may or may not be close to pulling your hair out. From the budget to the guest list to the wedding decorations and working with vendors, it can be a lot. This post is strictly a self-care post. Being engaged is one of the happiest moments of your life and there is such a thing as balance. Yes, take some time to plan your wedding but also take some time to recharge. When you don’t take care of yourself, you aren’t able to be your best you! Need some ideas in regaining that balance? Check out these 50 ways you can stay calm while wedding planning!

  1. Hire a wedding planner.
  2. Take a day trip with your girlfriends.
  3. Plan a fun date with your fiance.
  4. Go get a pedicure.
  5. Call your parents and tell them how much you love them.
  6. Write thank you notes to all the people who are involved in your planning process.
  7. Create a timeline for your wedding planning process.
  8. Set your wedding planning budget.
  9. Go on Pinterest and find your favorite crafts to do.
  10. Find a cool new recipe to cook like this and this.
  11. Go to the nearest zoo!
  12. Go to a local grocery store and find some new coffee that you’d like to try.
  13. Volunteer in your community.
  14. Take a walk while reflecting on all the good memories with your partner.
  15. Take a car ride, blast the music, and sing your heart out.
  16. Schedule a spa day with you and your friends.
  17. Take a yoga class.
  18. Try a little retail therapy.
  19. Go to Barnes and Noble and find a good book to read.
  20. Binge watch your favorite tv series on Netflix.
  21. Take a spontaneous trip to somewhere you’ve never been before.
  22. Go to Target or TJ Maxx and find a pretty notebook.
  23. Journal your thoughts.
  24. Make yourself a smoothie.
  25. Go out on the town and enjoy a night out.
  26. Write a letter to your future spouse.
  27. Dance it out with a Zumba class.
  28. Host a garage sale.
  29. Take 5 deep breaths.
  30. Clean our your closet!
  31. Take a hike in your local park or nearest forest.
  32. Go kayaking (To be determined based on weather.)
  33. Go to the movies.
  34. Get dolled up by giving yourself a make over.
  35. Go get some ice cream.
  36. Create a scavenger hunt for you and your friends.
  37. Go to your local farmers market and pick out some cool finds.
  38. Have a dance party in your living room.
  39. Find some new stretches you can incorporate into your day.
  40. Go to PetSmart and play with the baby animals.
  41. Participate in a local 5K.
  42. Take a fun cooking class.
  43. Find a camera, go on an adventure, and capture random photos!
  44. Plant a garden.
  45. Go thrift shopping.
  46. Go to a local department store and play dress up.
  47. Get your hair done.
  48. Go on Pinterest and find inspirational boards.
  49. Read your favorite blog.
  50. Trust the process.

We hope you found these ideas helpful! If you try any out, let us know so we can see all the fun that you have. In the meantime, continue to take those deep breaths and believe that everything is going to work out. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Why not make it fun and enjoy every last moment you can!

*Photo by Rekita Nicole Designs.

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