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Destination Wedding Quiz: You're A Destination Bride If.... Creative Purposes by C.Fultz
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Destination Wedding Quiz: You’re A Destination Bride If….

Destination Wedding Planning
destination bride

22 Feb Destination Wedding Quiz: You’re A Destination Bride If….

destination bride

Are you having a hard time deciding whether or not you should stay in state or have a destination wedding for the most memorable event of your life? Well, you’re a destination bride if you can relate to any of these 15 points below.

1. You’re on a budget and you want a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank. The average cost of a wedding in North Carolina and Ohio (the two states in which our offices are located), is about $30,000. If you can’t see yourself dishing out that type of money, yet you don’t want to compromise having a beautiful wedding experience, then you should opt for a destination wedding. I’ve had brides seek my local services with budgets of $15,000 or less, and I am always straightforward with them. First and foremost, if you’re hiring a PROFESSIONAL caterer, you can go ahead and subtract at least $10,000 off your budget for food. That leaves you with $5,000 to pay for wedding planning services, a dress, a photographer, florist, videographer, beer and wine, cake, a makeup artist, hair stylist, and the list goes on. This is practically impossible if you want to hire respected wedding professionals. You see how quickly that $15,000 just disappeared? AND your honeymoon isn’t even accounted for.

2. You love to travel and explore the world. If you’re anything like me, the thought of adding a stamp to that little passport book and enjoying the sounds of Merengue under a palm tree is enough to have you empty your savings for your next vacation!! #Vamonos!

3. You’ve never traveled out of the country but want to make your first time the most memorable. Well, what are you waiting for?  What better way to experience your first out of the country trip than for your wedding. You’ll have memories that’ll last a lifetime.

4. You and your significant other have never traveled internationally as a couple. Maybe you were waiting for that special moment to finally travel and see the world together. If you haven’t done so yet, you might as well start for your wedding!

5. You don’t have a huge family, or you don’t like being the center of attention amongst hundreds of people. I’d dare say the number one reason couples opt for a destination wedding is because they prefer a more intimate affair. By opting for a destination wedding you just sliced that 150 person guest list alllllll the way down and you didn’t have to hurt anyone’s feelings to do so. ? Feel free to still send all of those people an invitation. I’m pretty sure not even half will show up.

6. You don’t want a year or longer to plan. You just want to get married already. Perhaps you’re a business owner, a mom, in law school, or you simple don’t have that kind of time to wait. Planning a destination wedding doesn’t require for you to meet with several vendors throughout the year. You’ll pretty much handle and finalize all of those details once you arrive to the resort.

7. You don’t want all of the hoopla. Terms like Dupioni and Chiavari don’t excite you, and in fact you have no desire to even guess what they mean. The end.

8. You’ve been there, done that. This isn’t your first marriage. Your first wedding had all of the hoopla and now you just want it to be about your union and not having to worry about impressing everyone else. Your focus is the love that you two have for one another.

9. You want to combine the wedding and honeymoon instead of paying for these two events separately. I know of a few couples that splurged on the wedding and had nothing left to spend on the honeymoon. Either they never got to go on a honeymoon, or they had to wait months and years down the road to enjoy one. What if your $10-15,000 budget for a domestic wedding also included a free honeymoon? Well when you have a destination wedding on a $10,000 budget, consider yourself also having an all expense paid trip to * insert island of your choice. *

10. You want to have the greatest family reunion of all time. What perfect time than now to unite with all of your closest loved ones?  When’s the last time you all went on a family vacation anyway? Many resorts offer activities and entertainment suitable for the whole family.

11. You want flexibility with the dates. So maybe there’s a cool date this year that doesn’t necessarily fall on a Saturday or you want to get married on the date that you guys had your first kiss. Well with a destination wedding, more than likely all of your guests are making a vacation out of it and will arrive during the week. Lucky for you, you’re not limited to choosing a date that has to fall on a Saturday in order to accommodate your guests.

12. You don’t want a huge wedding party or a wedding party at all. You don’t have a ton of girlfriends and if you do, you want to forget the drama that comes along with a big group of bridesmaids. You have enough on your mind than to worry about someone complaining that she hates the dress you picked out for her. #ByeFelicia

13. You don’t like to wear shoes. Sand and shoes don’t mix that well after all. So get ready to sink those toes into the sand in a causally chic look on the beach.

14. You do like to wear shoes. So maybe you are a fashionista and a pair of red bottoms is just what you imagined walking down the aisle in. Then go for it! The great part about destination weddings is that, there are no rules! Who says you can’t rock that ballroom gown while standing under the gazebo adorned with your favorite florals?

15. You want to have the wedding of the year. I mean come on…cocktails, lobster, sun, crashing waves, and palm trees? Seriously, getting married on an exotic island automatically puts you at the top of everyone’s favorite wedding list. Can we say, “HASHTAG, BEST WEDDING EVER?”

If I just read your entire life in over half of the items on this list, then you know you’re meant to be a destination bride! Now tell me, which numbers could you relate to? Leave it in the comments on our Instagram.


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