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The Heart of a Chic Chief Creative Purposes by C.Fultz
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The Heart of a Chic Chief

18 Mar The Heart of a Chic Chief

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I remember when I first started my own business. It was never my intention to start Creative Purposes as soon as I did. I wanted to intern for a wedding planner and work for a company for a while before I put myself out there. But God had different plans.

I remember reaching out to quite a few planners in hopes that one would just let me work for them…for free. My intentions were pure and I just wanted to learn the industry. But unfortunately not everyone has the same type of heart, and that causes insecurities and trust issues within others. It was as if everyone I reached out to felt threatened by me. I’m over here thinking, “Listen I don’t want your company…your clients…your contacts…your nothing.” Lol. I just want to learn the industry and see if this is really for me.

I remember finally getting a call back from a planner I admired and she scheduled a time for us to meet up at her studio. The whole day at work I had my hopes up about meeting this planner! I absolutely could not wait to find out by the industry and hear all of her exciting stories as a wedding planner. Well, maybe an hour before I left work, this planner texted me saying she needed to reschedule. I asked her what her next available date would be and she said she would let me know. Of course she never contacted me again.
That was all of the encouragement I needed to step out on faith and channel my inner CEO. I promised myself I’d never be that insecure, or stuck up planner who thought everyone was out to take my business. While I’m a stickler with protecting my brand, I  knew that one day I’d want to teach other women what I truly believe: I am my own competition. I always chuckle inside when planners refer to other planers as their competition. The clients that are for me are the ones that I book. The clients that chose another planner weren’t my clients. And I’m totally fine with that. This is the heart of a Chic Chief.
My colleague Hanha and I have a strong desire to empower women to channel their inner CEO through brand identity, social media management, and business consulting. Together we will empower women to effectively jump-start their businesses and reach their target client(s). Head over to and join our tribe! When you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll receive a free vision casting worksheet that will help you to identify your small business. Welcome to the tribe, #ChicChief!?
  • Dolly B
    Posted at 07:32h, 19 March Reply

    Great read!!!

    Posted at 16:10h, 28 March Reply

    Thank you for this!! Can’t wait to see what’s next and so honored to be part of this movement at grass roots!

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