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What really sets your company a part from other event planning firms?

Not only do we have offices in Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, and Columbus, Ohio, we also plan intimate destination weddings. With our team of four planners, you can rest assure that your wedding or event will be our main focus. At Creative Purposes we understand that the day is in the details, therefore we pride ourselves in providing all of the missing pieces. You can trust that we have your best interest at heart when helping you select vendors. On your big day, our staff is able and ready to make sure everything runs smoothly. Hiring our company for your big day means a fabulous, stress-free day for you, your family and friends!

Can I afford to hire your company?

The answer to that is simple. You can’t afford not to hire us! I believe no matter the size of a couple’s budget, a professional and experienced

planner is your greatest investment. I’ve heard of so many wedding horror stories that could have been prevented had the couple understood the importance of securing a coordinator, rather than having their aunt or mom’s best friend “play” coordinator on their big day. My best advice: DON’T BE THAT BRIDE WHO HAS REGRETS!! Horrible wedding day memories aren’t worth the sacrifice.

Do you have time for a second full time job, in addition to all of the other things going on in your personal and work life?

Really think to yourself, “How important is my big day to me?” If you are serious about your wedding day and truly believe it will be the most important day of your life, then having a planner doesn’t seem to expensive after all, huh?

What’s your kind of bride?

We love planning fabulous weddings for the chic and modern Bridenista who loves to sparkle and shine! We also appreciate working with couples who are open to creative suggestions that will give your wedding day that extra UMPH!

What's a Bridenista?

At Creative Purposes we have affectionately crowned our beloved brides the Bridenista. A bridenista is a play on the word fashionista. Just as a fashionista stays true to her personal style, a bridenista is a bride who knows exactly what she wants, even if she doesn’t know how to execute those details. Her wedding day reflects her personal style and taste.

Will I lose control of my wedding if you’re planning it for me?

Absolutely not! Our job is to provide the missing pieces to your planning puzzle! The point of hiring Creative Purposes is for us to capture YOUR vision, work out the major and minor details, then creatively carry it out, and fiercely perform on your big day! You are the STAR on your big day, but you can not be the back stage manager! Seeing our couples HAPPY & RELAXED on their big day is one of our greatest joys! We are here to help you fully explore the options and ways we can create your dream wedding!

Hello Bridenista!

We have a special gift just for you!! Our latest e-book has 7 essential tips that will guide you along your wedding planning journey!